Custom WooCommerce Website Development

I’m a freelance WordPress website developer based in Austin, Texas. I specialize in using the WooCommerce open source e-commerce platform to help clients achieve business goals.

Theme Development

Plugin Customization

WordPress Multisites

PHP Programming

Mobile Optimization

Site Performance

Database Management

NetSuite Connectors


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Custom Theme Development and Child Theme Customization

I am able to build new WordPress themes for client websites, as well as to create new child themes or customize existing child themes, as needed. This enables a greater range of functionalities to operate for a given website. Child themes allow the extension of existing theme capabilities, and to continue benefiting from updates to the parent theme, without overwriting custom code at each update. I am a proficient PHP programmer, experienced writing template files and customizing a theme’s functions.php file.

Plugin Customization

I’ve worked to create custom versions of existing WordPress plugins for client WooCommerce websites, by writing PHP code. This allows needed functionalities to be achieved, and ensures continued functioning for plugins that are no longer actively maintained.

WooCommerce Performance Optimization

I have experience working to quickly improve website revenues by improving add-to-cart behavior, streamlining the checkout process, reducing page load time to below two seconds, improving site search speed and results relevance, and optimizing site caching and CDN settings.

Mobile Responsive Design and Performance Optimization

I’ve worked to ensure my client websites adapt responsively to smaller screen sizes, so they look great and operate seamlessly on mobile devices and tablets. I also have experience speeding up mobile load time, using Google PageSpeed Insights as a rubric. Mobile page speed often differs significantly from desktop website performance, and has to be optimized separately.

Elementor Pro Website Builder Tool for WooCommerce

I have extensive experience working with the Elementor Pro website builder platform to create and customize WooCommerce websites. Elementor enables me to create visually-appealing sites that function smoothly. Clients can often make smaller aesthetic edits going forward using this tool. I often use it together with the OceanWP WordPress theme, when building a new website.